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Countdown to Creativity...Are you ready to cultivate your creativity and see where it will grow?

Meet Susan, your instructor

Once, Susan Harbourt was a creative soul stuck inside her rigid, engineer's mind. After a few unexpected twists and turns on her life’s path, that all changed. She stepped out of her self made box, full of limiting beliefs that creativity is not for people like her, and blossomed into the person she wanted to become. Now, as a multi-passionate creative, Susan expresses herself through her jewelry, photography, journals, and art she makes. She also inspires others in the classes, workshops and retreats she hosts. Susan is a Master Life Coach, helping other women to discover their passions, cultivate their creativity, and explore places that feed their wanderlust souls so they too are inspired to “Bloom, Grow, and Enjoy” the person they want to become. Creativity is in all of us, no matter how it looks, it just needs to be nurtured.